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It's official, your home is listed with a Realtor.  You'll very quickly see a sign go up in the yard and your property will show up on the local MLS or "Multiple Listing Service".  Every Realtor that is a part of the MLS will immediately have access to all the information regarding your property.  Gone are the days of only the agents within the same office knowing about your property.  The internet has broadened the horizons dramatically for individuals looking to sell their home. Not only will agents see your home but any potential buyers will find it online as well.  In addition to the local MLS, your property will automatically populated sites such as and Zillow once it is listed so it is not necessary to do so yourself.  Keep in mind, Realtor and Zillow are not always accurate in their depictions and their statuses.   There are many things to consider once you are up and running.  A showing can happen at any time.  It is up to you whether you choose to use a lockbox to provide access and how much notice you want before showings.  Keep in mind that limitations on showing also limits your buyer pool.  The more accessibly your home is, the better chance you have to sell it.  Ask your Realtor about things such as "Average Days on Market" and "Sold price compared to List Price" so you will be ready to make the best decision when the offer comes in. 

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