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Amenities and Pricing

It is a common misconception that the value of individual items in a home will raise the value by that amount.  You have to remember that buyers are not shopping for individual features and fixtures, if they were, they would be building their own home.  No home will have every fixture and every feature that a buyer is looking for, they are shopping for the full package.  So you may feel that the $1000 chandelier in the hall should add that much to the price, the fact is that it will not.  There are amenities that will always add value to a home such as updated kitchens and bathrooms and exterior features like a newer roof, water frontage and views.  Other features such as a high end wood floor or immaculately finished master suite won't necessarily add value to the price but they will ramp up the salability exponentially!


Hot Tubs and Pools are a perfect example of an item that many sellers feel they need to get a return on investment for.  The fact is that many buyers aren't looking for a used hot tub  or the upkeep of a pool,  and many of them see it as more of a hinderance than an asset because so many of them have issues and leaks, regardless of the claims made about their condition.  Trust your Realtor.  They will develop a solid listing price for your home and the work and amenities that you have added will add to the salability.  The cooperative effort is what will get your home sold!  

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