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Lets go Shopping!

Buying a home is one of the most exciting and possibly one of the most frightening experiences you can encounter.  There are so many steps to go through and hoops to jump through, it can be exhausting.  Not to mention it is more than likely going to be one of the largest investments of your life.  Nobody wants to buy a lemon and that fear is completely natural when you begin your search.  Rest assured that a Realtor is there to make the transition as easy as possible.  Realtors understand the language of the contracts and know how to word it properly to keep you protected.  They understand how the contingencies work and will ensure that you meet your deadlines for things such as home inspections and earnest money deposits.  When undertaking a legal contract with consequences as heavy as buying a home, it is important to be represented.


 Did you know that hiring a Realtor costs you nothing as a buyer?  It's true.  Realtor commissions are paid by the seller of the home.  That means that you are getting full representation, protections and reassurance and it won't cost you a penny in commissions.  How great is that!  Now there are also a lot of Real Estate Agents out there.  Always keep in mind that the process of buying a home can be a lengthy one, so do your homework.  You aren't obligated to go with the first agent that you meet, shop around!  Find a Realtor that matches your personality and explains things in a way that you are comfortable with.  If you aren't  comfortable with them, well, odds are they aren't comfortable with you either.  Find an agent that you trust and that you enjoy, because you might be spending some long days together.


 Did you know that any Realtor can show you virtually any house on the market?  You do not have to call the agent that has the home for sale. The MLS system allows any agent access to any house that is for sale. This allows you to be represented by the agent of your choice, not just the one that is selling the house.  If the agent that has the home listed also brings a buyer, this is called Dual Agency.  Dual Agency is 100% legal in the state of Montana but there are agents and brokerages that avoid it. If it is a concern of yours, ask around.

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