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Are you a Realtor?

Welcome to Montana Realtor Finder!  We are a free service to join for buyers, sellers and real estate agents!  We strive to develop a nationwide network of real estate agents, buyers and sellers for Montana!  If you are interested in receiving referrals from Montana Realtor Finder it is as simple as filling out a short survey so we can match your business style and personality with buyers and sellers that are looking for a great Realtor JUST LIKE YOU!  Unlike many of the broad range services, we don't charge an upfront fee for the service.  Leads will be allocated to agents with a 25% referral fee for site generated leads and 30% for agent referred leads, which means you pay nothing unless you close a deal.  If a Montana Realtor Finder agent refers a client to Montana Realtor Finder, a 25% referral will go to the agent and a 5% referral shall be paid to Montana Realtor Finder and we do all the referral paperwork for you including esigns from Brokers.  (please make sure to sign up for the referral service so we have you and your Broker's info) 


   **Montana Realtor Finder reserves the right to remove agents from the referral pool if they do not adhere to the agreements set forth.  Montana Realtor Finder is a completely voluntary service so we can only submit referrals to agents that provide accurate contact information and agree to submit the questionnaire.  In addition, all agents must agree to the parameters of the service prior to receiving any leads.   Montana Realtor Finder may limit the number of agents in an area in the future but right now we are open for all applicants.  If more than one agent meets the criteria requested by a client, Montana Realtor Finder reserves the right to choose from the pool of Realtors in a fashion they feel most benefits the client.  Montana Realtor Finder is not designed to procure business from clients with an existing contract with an agent. Agents are expected to conduct their due diligence when contacting a lead to ensure that they are not currently under contract with another agent.  

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